Gardenholm Site, 5 July 2012

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Gardenholm Site, 5 July 2012.


Gardenholm site May 2018

Above is the site photographed 30 April 2018.

Was a Resthome for elderly men, called Gardenholm, built onto in the early 1970s when it was owned by the Waikato Hospital Board. The home was closed in April 1994 and most of it was demolished due to the very high levels of hydrogen sulphide gas that meant it was too toxic to have people living there.  Later all buildings were either sold and moved off site or demolished and now it's an empty pumice land area where people park their cars and campervans.

For further information see The Daily Post, 6 April 1994 p1 and 8 April 1994 pgs 1&2.  Available on microfiche at the Rotorua District Library.

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