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A brief location list with names of Establishments with managers and/or owners, C-D. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs of the buildings please email Kete Rotorua

 Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.  
Name of Establishment  Era Built   Managers / Owners  Era of Occupation Location  Demolished/or   Site as at 2015 
Cargan Guest House  see Airdrie Private Boarding House  Miss Doreen P. Worth  1949-1955  31 King Street  1970  Flats
 "Carlton Club" Carlton Temperance Hotel 1885   Mr Lewis Lee  1885  Ohinemutu   Unknown  
    John Wilkinson   1885-1887      
    Mrs Caroline Heerdegen  1888      
    Mr John N. McLean  1906      
    William R. Melvin   1905, then 1907      
    Jas. Wilson   1912-1918      
Central Apartment House (Private Hotel)  c1923  Mrs Ada Berry  1923 Pukuatua Street  Unknown  
Central House c1904 Mrs Ellen G. Perrin 1904-1912 ? Hinemaru Street Sold to Private Owner 1912, ceases to be a Guest House.  
Chirms Private Hotel c1930- Charles & Harriet Chirm 1930-c1947 15/17 Hinemoa Street  was The Langham & Tremayne Guest Houses?  
    Mrs Dorothy Peterson & F.J. Cheater c1947-1951      
Cloverleigh Guest House c1955 Walter G. Minnitt 1956-1957 81 Eruera Street Demolished 1978  
    Mrs Mary P. Bickerstaff   1960-1969      
    Joyce Oriowski 1969      
Clubb's Private Hotel see Arcadia Mrs Winifred Clubb 1926-1931 by Railway Gates Adjoining Government Gardens    
Colonial Inn   Gabriel & Roger Thomas c1978 Hinemaru Street was, Minerva Court - YHA Hostel  Crash Palace Backpackers
The Commonwealth c1910 Mrs Edith Pearce 1910-1911 84 Hinemoa Street becomes the Tainui then, demolished 1961/62 State Insurance Building now Quest Apartments
    Mrs Varah Mangham 1914-15 then 1917      
    Mrs Kate Constant 1916      
    Mrs Margaret M. Jones 1925-1930      
    Mr & Mrs Fred Styles 1935-1936      
    Herbert J. Dooley  1938-1943      
    Mrs Leititia Mitton & Mrs Louisa Emony 1943-1947      
Coffee Palace (Blue Baths Coffee Palace) c1896 Mrs Annie Crowther c1899-1900 opposite Sanatorium Gates, Hinemaru Street Unknown  
    Mrs Rose Bushby 1901-02      
    James G. Peace 1907      
Crowther House see Grand Vue Soldiers Boarding House, RSA 1944-   Demolished 1968 Rotorua Lakes Council 
    Bruce & Gwynedd Logan c1949-1952      
    Eric & Thelma Cleveland 1953-1957      
    Maurice P. Kyne 1968      
Darlington Villa c1900 Mrs Elizabeth Saunders 1900-1903 Haupapa Street Not advertised post 1906  
    Mrs Ada McFarlane 1903-1904      
    John Henry McPartland 1904      
    Mrs Ellen Head 1905-1906      
    Mrs Mary C. Williams 1906      
Denbies c1911 see The Pines Mrs Coral M. Williamson 1930-1955 5 Pukuatua Street /also numbered as No. 11 Demolished 1993 Police from c1976-
    Archer & Mary Birch 1947      
  Possible proprietor Abbott, Kenneth & Joyce 1966      
    William.S. & Ruth Young 1968-1972      
Devonshire House c1901 William & Marjery Webber 1901-1908 and 1915-1922  37-39 Eruera Street  Demolished 1960  Became Woolworths, now individual shops
    Martha E. Reynolds 1910      
    M. Douglass 1911-1912      
    Mrs Ellen Bradley 1913-1920      
    Mrs Emma Andrews 1923-1927      
    Walter & Elizabeth Dean 1927-1933      
    Catherine (Clara) Morgan 1935-1942      
    Neville & Catherine Goldsmith 1942-1946      
    Mr & Mrs Ashley Guy Roberts 1946-1956      

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