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A brief location list with names of Establishments with managers and/or owners, E-G. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs of the buildings please email Kete Rotorua

 Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.  
Name of Establishment   Era Built  Managers/Owners Era of occupation  Location   Demolished ... Site as at 2015
Edinburgh House   1899  Mr John White  1899-1902, 1904-1905 54 Haupapa Street  Becomes Bondi Private Hotel  Cactus Jacks
     Mrs C E. Anketell  1903      
     Mr Andrew Campbell  1905-1909, 1911-12      
     Mr John O'Brien  1909-c1917, 1924-1926      
     Mrs Agnes Henderson  1917-1925      
    See Bondi Hotel        
 The Empire  1907  John Neil McLean  1915-1929 Tutanekai Street next to The Australia  Demolished 1965  was Star Electrical, now several shops in the Star Building.
     Mr George Brett  1929      
     Mrs Mary O'Hagan  1930-1933      
     Mrs Winifred Clubb  1931      
     Mrs Agnes McLean  1933-      
     Dudley J. Baker  1938-1943      
     J. J. O'Hagan  1945      
     Mrs B. Eady  1946-1947      
     Harold A. Holmes 1949      
     Richard Stephen Savage  1950s      
Eruera Motel c1972- Roger L. Wright c1984 cnr Eruera & Hinemaru Streets (#46 Hinemaru) Demolished Millenium
Eton Hall    RNZAF?  1942-1945 39 Hinemaru Street  Fire 10.6.1960, expanded to include 41 Hinemaru Street Kiwi As (backpackers)
    C. Gordon Houghton 1961-64      
    Kathleen M. Jacobs c1984      
    Graeme R. Furness c1986      
Fenton House / Fenton Private Hotel c1905 Mr Alf Pyman (Manager) 1905-1943 SE cnr Fenton & Haupapa Streets Demolished 1967 Police Station
    Miss Mary Brennan (Jnr) 1905-1914 & 1917-1942      
    Mrs Murphy 1914-1916      
Fernlea (Fernleigh) Guest House   Mrs Fernlea?  c1941-1954 45 Amohau Street  Unknown  
Forbury House Flats c1933 Miss E. Ryan 1933-1955 45 Whakaue Street   Novotel
Gables Boarding House c1950s D. F. Sutherland 1953-1954 Lake Road, between Korokai Street & Tokoihi Street    
    William Bartlett Waller 1955      
Glenalvon c1907 William Richard Melvin   Unknown    
Glenhaven  was Sydney Cottage Mrs Bradshaw  1946-   Boulevard Motel Boulevard Motel & Restaurant
Glenora Guest House   Sydney & Kathleen Harper 1953 55 Haupapa Street

Fire 1964

Lochinvar Tourist Court 1965-

Grand Hotel 1895 Mr Alfred O. Cheshire  1895 Fenton Street 

Fire 1904, 1973 x2

Shops in block between Hinemoa & Pukuatua Street
    William A. Boulton 1895-   Demolished 1975  
    H. V. Gardener 1899-1901      
    W. J. Meredith c1901      
    Priscilla J. Bright 1903      
    John William Speers 1904      
    Mr & Mrs Lees 1904      
    W. J. Leet 1905      
    Andrew Jackson McMath 1905 (HLC)      
    William Woodward 1906-1907      
    George Brown 1908-1913      
    Alfred John Carlton 1920      
    Frederick William Marsh 1922-1923      
    Gideon Lund 1925-1926, 1935-1938      
    Eric Elmslie Harvey 1927-1931      
    Miss Hadfield 1932-1934      
    Percival Kinninmont 1940-1942      
    RNZAF? 1942-1945      
    Arthur Alexander Tuart 1946-1955      
    Robert S. Clark (Manager) c1954      
    R. R. Henderson 1968-      
    Shane Bycroft (Hotel Manager) 1972-      
    Jack Watts (Hotel Manager) c1972-      
Grandvue  c1903 Mrs Annie Crowther 1907-1911 SW cnr Hinemaru & Haupapa Street Crowther House 1945-1968 Rotorua Lakes Council
    Henry Alexander Pearce 1911-1918      
    George Brown  1918-1923      
    Mrs Lena Rees 1920-1922      
    Mrs Annie Crowther 1921-1944      
    Kelly & Morrison 1923-1933      
    Mr William Galbraith 1936      
    Harold & Ada Portman 1938-1940      
    RSA Soldiers Boarding House 1944-      
    Eric & Thelma Cleveland 1947-1957      
The Grange c1909 Jack Cross 1909 63 Amohau Street Forest Service Accomodation 1942-1964  
    Mrs Gertrude Savage 1938-1942      
Green Gables Guest House see Pendennis William & Olive Darroch 1963 44 Whakaue Street Mokoia Motel  
Grosvenor House 1884 Mrs Rebecca Brinkley 1884-1900 Tarewa Road     

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