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A brief location list with names of Establishments with managers and/or owners, K-Lake House Hotel. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs of the buildings please email Kete Rotorua

Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.
Name of Establishment Era Built Manager/Owner  Era of Occupation Location Demolished / Renamed  Site as at 2015
Kellsmere (also known as Kelly's Flats?)   1930s  Thomas & Jessie Kelly   1930s  61 Haupapa Street    Office Block for Urquhart & Roe c1970- Office Block
Kensington Court Motel  1972 L.A. Henderson c1971  7 Arawa Street  Merges with Mayfair Motel at  5 Arawa Street  Part of Princes Gate Hotel  Suites
    Timothy & Ida Black  c1972-1977      
    Jack & Mary Holt c1975-78      
Keswick House     Mrs Mary J. Ellis  1928-1934  69 Eruera Street  Unknown  
     James & Hennorah Black  - 1938      
Kia Ora House / Private Hotel   1904  Mr August Brackebush  1904-1938 SW Cnr Hinemaru & Pukuatua Streets, opposite Sanatorium  Kia Ora Private Hospital 1938-1966  Kia Ora Flats, 1221 Hinemaru Street
    Mr Percy Brewin   1938      
Kingsdale Boarding House  Unknown  Mrs Daisy Kingon   1923-1935  Whakaue Street  Unknown  
    Mrs Fernlea   1931      
    Elizabeth Kunac   1932      
Kiwi Cottage Flats  c1953  Unknown c1953-1964  102 Arawa Street  Joseph Lucas Building, Warehouse and Offices  Simmonds Ball Engert Accountants / Defence  Careers Office
Kozie Private Hotel c1918 Mr Wilfred B. Ingram 1918  Hinemoa Street  Unknown  
    Mrs Alice Boyes 1921-1924      
    Mrs Evelyn Ingram 1926-1933      
Lake Lodge Motel c1965 Noel Staub c1965-2017 16 Lake Road   Demolished 2017
    Alex & Helen Sinton c1972-79      
    Michael & Pamela Reynolds (Managers) c1978      
    Ronald & Beatrice Lark c1984      
Lake House Hotel c1870  Hone Wera Heko (Werahiko)  1872-2018  Lake Rd, overlooking  Ohinemutu was Ohinemutu Hotel  Demolished 2018
     Michael Hannon  1875      
     Isaac Wilson  c1875-1879      
     Robert Graham  1880-1888      
     Mr W. A. Ellis  1880-1881      
     Mr B. F. J. Edwards  1881      
     Francis Bernard Scott (Publican)  1882      
     John Wilson  1882      
     William Cranswick  May 1883-      
     Mr Isaac R Vialou  May 1884-Nov 1884      
     Arthur Slaney (Publican)  1885      
     Adam Park Horne (Publican)  1887      
     John Menzies (Manager)  - 1888      
     Robert King (Publican)  1889      
    Mrs R. Graham  1895-      
    L. D. Nathan and Hancock & Co.  1896-      
     Thomas C. Urquhart  1896-1898      
     H. Priston (Publican)  1898      
     John Thomas Winter  1899      
     Arthur Bach  1900      
     Priscilla Bright  1901      
     Charles Kalman  c1903-1905      
     F. Watkinson  1905-1906      
     J. M. Hogg  1906      
     Charles A. Sansom  1907-1909      
     William Agnew  1909      
     William H. Constant  1910      
     Neil Buchanan  1912      
     Edward W. Gibson Smith  1914 - 1919      
     Henry A. Lloyd  1924-1928      
     Florence E. Hawkins  1928      
     Peder Petterson  1929      
     Colonel Edwin G. Fraser  1931-1935      
     Fullerton (Tony) G. & Dorothy Fraser  1936-1956      
     L. D. Nathan etc  1969-   Lake House Tavern  Lake House Hotel & Backpackers

Lake House c1880

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Lake House Hotel, Ohinemutu. Commons, Jeremy Paul Axford, 1933- :Photographs of Tauranga settlers.

Ref: PA1-o-107-13. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

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