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A brief location list with names of Establishments with managers and/or owners, Lake View House - M. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs of the buildings please email Kete Rotorua

Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.
Name of Establishment  Era Built Manager / Owner  Era of Occupation Location Demolished or Renamed Site as at 2015
 Lake View House / Seddon's Lake View  c1886  William Seddon  1886-  Lake Road, below Pukeroa Hill   Reverts to Private Home by 1909  Unknown
     Mr C. Hawker Wilson  1892-      
     Mrs Hickson  1894      
     Mrs Elizabeth A. Seddon  1895-1906      
 La Mode  c1910  Mrs Alexandra Peace  c1910  Cnr Fenton & Peace Streets  Unknown Private Residence
 The Langham  c1895  Mr Charles Hawker Wilson   1896-1901  15 or 17 Hinemoa Street  Chirm's Private Hotel c1930-Australia Inn to 1991 Office Block 
     William R. Melvin  1903-1905      
     John Gibson Buckthought  1905-1919      
 Lochinvar Tourist Court  c1964  Robert & Ngaire Evans  c1968-  55 Haupapa Street  was Glenora Guest House, destroyed by fire 1964, c1973 Timber Workers Union offices. Orginal house front still exists and used for offices.
    Jeune S. Esau c1972      
 The Lodge Private Guest House  c1936  Mrs Jeannie Jones c1936-1938  Whakaue Street  Unknown  
 Lumeah Flats  c1920      9 Amohia Street  Fountain Court Flats, c1974 Offices, 1989 Rotorua Medical Centre Empty Offices
 Lynwood Guest House see Sandringham  Major Charles & Mrs Barbara Wagstaff c1953-  59 Haupapa Street  Demolished late 1960s, Urquhart & Roe Office Block c1970  
    Charles K. Neilands c1963      
 The Mansions  c1909 Fred Reeve 1920-1943  64 Eruera Street  Demolished 1967, T & G Building  TV Rotorua until 2015
    Mrs Ashley Guy Roberts 1941-      
    Mrs Reeve 1943-45      
    Mr Arthur W. Brockie 1945-1950s      
    Waikato District Health Board 1964      
Maunder's Boarding House c1895 Mr Alfred Maunder 1895-1896 Whakaue Street between Tutanekai & Rangiuru Streets Fire 1896 Novotel carpark
Mayfair Flats/Motel c1939- Heywood & Amson 1943- 7 Arawa Street Merges with Kensington Court Part of Princes Gate Hotel Suites and Apartments
    H. D. Burgess c1968-      
    L.A. Henderson c1971      
    K & R Dennison c1984-1991      
Melba' Nui see Bonchurch Mrs Melba C. Haynes c1938-1940 254 Fenton Street   Dallas Motors
Methodist Church Hostel c1946     74 Pukuatua Street   Carpark Building
Metropole c1907 Mrs Isabella J. Dwyer 1907-1913 SE Cnr Amohau & Tutanekai Streets Hotel Rotorua, demolished 1954 New Shops, Ludgates Chemist Hell Pizza
Milford House c1909 Mrs R. Cross 1913 63 Amohau Street The Grange c1920-1942, Block of 4 Shops c1965 - includes Jo's Diner by 1972  
    Mrs M. Baird 1916      
    Mrs Eugenie McLisky c1919-1922      
Minerva Court Hotel c1920s RNZAF during WW2   SE Cnr Hinemaru & Eruera Streets Youth Hostel 1980s, Rotorua Backpackers c1999- Crash Palace Backpackers
    Mrs J. M.(Louisa) Fleming c1949-      
    Miss Patricia Mary Fleming c1954-c1957      
    William R. Surrey c1957      
Moana House  c1910 Mrs Vickers   c1910  Unknown    
    Mrs Delia Duggan c1911      
Mokoia Flats/ House   C. Munro    32 Whakaue Street    Flats 1126-1134 Whakaue Street
Mokoia Motel see Pendennis Jack & Doreen Fleming c1974 44 Whakaue Street Was Pendennis Demolished 2016, Office Precinct
    Robert & Robin Deane c1975-      
    Raymond & Marion Vanstone c1978      
    John & Ngaire Devlin c1986      
Montrose House c1917 Mrs Emma Duff c1917-1934 15 Amohia Street Demolished c1973  Shops
    John & Emma Duff c1940-1955      
Monterey Motel c1965 Graeme & Helen Phipps c1965- NW cnr Whakaue & Rangiuru Streets   Demolished 2016, Office Precinct
Motel 48 c1976 Donovan & Logan   48 Hinemaru Street   Flats
Mrs G. Bates       57 Eruera Street see also 73 Eruera Street (Hamilton House)  becomes part of Geyser Court  
Mrs A. Grove     c1928-1933 Eruera Street Unknown  
Mrs A. L. Jones   Mabel K. Jones c1940-1955 22 Amohia Street    Parking Building
Mrs E. Haine (Possibly 'Ferndale")     1939-1946 32 Eruera Street  Demolished, becomes part of King's Building  near Key Accessories
Mrs E. Teehan   Boarding House c1922-1924 Unknown    
Mrs Blanche Clifford   Boarding House c1919-1922 Possibly in Amohia Street    
Mrs Polson   Boarding House c1923 Unknown    

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