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A brief location list with names of Establishments with managers and/or owners, S-W. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs of the buildings please email Kete Rotorua

Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.
Name of Establishment  Era Built Manager/ Owner Era of Occupation Location Demolished / Renamed Site as at 2015
Sandringham   c1905  Miss Eleanor Louisa Seabury  1905-1919  59 Haupapa Street

 Destroyed by fire 1964,

see Lynwood Guest House 

Red Spot Gallery ; 
Sonoma Private Hotel   c1904  Mrs Kate Young  c1904-1908  68 Pukuatua Street  Sonoma Flats c1940- becomes Shops c1976 Toy & Nursery Warehouse  United Video ; now closed 2016
     Mrs H.J.P. Heley  c1905-1908      
     Mrs Blencowe  c1907-1911      
     Mary J. Ellis  1912      
     Mrs Julia Burns  1913      
     Albert M. & Mary E. Moore  1913-1917      
     Mrs Jamieson  1917      
     Mrs Gladys Sommer  1919-1920      
     J. J. Bennett  1923      
     Mrs Louisa McDermott  1927      
     Mrs Mary L. Garlick  1930-1936,  1940s      
     Dalziel & Elgie (Proprietresses)  1936      
South Pacific Luxury Flats Motel c1963 H. Hewitt 1963- 94-98 Lake Road Demolished 2005 Bella Vista Motel c2006- (on half of section )
St Anne's Guest House c1930  Mrs Annie D. Bridge  c1930-c1943  50 Haupapa Street  Unknown  
St Elmo Guest House c1907  Mrs J. J. McIntosh  1907-1911  14 Hinemoa Street  Demolished 1979, becomes Retail & Office Building   Food Equipment (NZ Ltd)
     Mrs Jessie Kelly  1924-1938      
     Mrs Olvy E. Campbell  1939-1943      
     Mrs C. M. Richards  1946-1947      
     Mrs Mary Yerex  1950-1952      
     Richard & Beatrice Shutte  1955-1956      
State Forestry Accomodation c1942    1942-1964 63 & 65 Amohau Street    
Station Guest House c1953  Mrs Evelyn Leemon  1953-1955 75 Amohau Street  Demolished c1971  Hertz Rentals
    Mr John Wallace  c1963-      
     Mrs M. Richmond  1967      
Surrey House c1923  Mrs Lily J. Devin  1923-1937  Haupapa Street, opposite Blue Room Cafe  Fire 1937 Carpark for Lakes Prime Care
Sydney Cottage Not Known  Mrs Ida Davidson  1940-    Glenhaven, 1946   Boulevard c1962-
Tainui was Commonwealth  Letitia Mitton   1946-1961  84 Hinemoa Street  c1962 State Insurance Building 1964-  Quest Apartments
     Kenneth & Winifred Usmar  1947      
     Dorothy (Dolly) Wilkins  1954-      
Tarawera House c1891 Mr Thomas J. Robinson c1891-1896 SE cnr Tutanekai & Pukaki Streets  Windsor House from 1898, Rotorua House c1907, St James Theatre then Odeon Theatre 1966-1993; Lake City Church 1993- Destiny Church
    Mr & Mrs C. Willmott 1896-1898      
Terrace House c1892 Mr & Mrs W. Seddon     Unknown    
Thirwell House  1901 Mr William A. Williams  1901-1907  SE Cnr Tutanekai & Eruera Streets  Demolished c1955 becomes Jaffe's Building   Shops street level, Bibleworld Museum, 1st Floor 
    Mr Louis Woolliams  1909-1915      
    Mr Henry A. Pearce  1910-1912      
    Mr Edward Kennedy  1913      
    Mrs P. B. Giles  1915      
    Mrs T. P. Dowling  c1916-1938      
    Mrs Lilian J. Clune 1938      
    Mrs C. Henderson c1940-      
Travelodge  see Rotorua Travelodge     6 Eruera Street    
Travellers Motel c1968 Mr Ralph Aickin 1968- 13 Fenton Street   Travellers Motor Lodge
    Neville & Audrey Foreman c1978      
    John & Julie Bussell c1981-84      
Tremayne Guest House c1910 Unknown   Poss. 5 Pukuatua Street nxt to Park View Private Hotel  Denbies c1930- Police Station
Waihi House c1906 Mrs Timihau Mau 1906-1916 Fenton Street    
Waiwera House/ Hotel c1903 Miss Isabella Graham 1903-1904 17 Tutanekai Street demolished c1968 ; Durrants Supervalue ; Woolworths Supermarket to c1993 Novotel
    Mr John Falloona 1905-1930      
    Mr Frederick Chambers 1928-1938      
    Mr John A. Mitchell 1940-1953      
    Gibson  1953-1954      
    William M. Darroch 1955      
    Jean R. & Thomas H. Brett  1963-1968      
Wallace Bank Guest House Unknown Mr William H. Burnett 1946-1954 17 Amohia Street demolished c1974 poss St Lukes 
Waverley Hotel/House c1917 W. Ross 1917 Tutanekai Street, Opposite The Empire possibly pre 1945 3 Shops at # 1294-1298 Tutanekai Street
    Mrs Isabella Dwyer 1917-1918      
    Ernest Cory 1920-1923      
Wentworth Guest or Boarding House   J. Lowe 1946-1947 97 Hinemoa Street Unknown  
    Mrs Dorothy Roy 1950      
    Mrs N. Jarvis 1955      
Whanaungatanga Maori Apprentices Hostel c1955 Mr Bruce Clark Adam 1957-1968 4 Ranolf Street    
Windsor House c1898 Kate Young c1900 Tutanekai Street was Tarawera House poss Novotel
    William H. Windsor 1900-1902      
    H. Burgess  1912-1913      
Winnipeg House c1935 Mr Robinson c1935 Whakaue Street Unknown  
Wonderland Private Hotel c1909 Mrs J. R. McFarlane  c1910 Amohau Street Unknown  

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