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Changing from Grays Funeral Home to Mitre 10 Mega and other retail outlets

Photographs by Alison Leigh.

Gray's Funeral Home, View 2 Gray's Funeral Home, View 1
Gray's Funeral Home, View 4 Gray's Funeral Home, View 5
 Gray's Funeral Home View 3  Gray's Funeral Home, View 6
 Gray's Funeral Home dismantled  Mitre 10 Mega takes over site
 Last section of Funeral Home  Gray's Corner 27 February 2013

Gray's has been a part of Rotorua, (since 1911) and for many years on the same site, Cnr of Amohau and Pukuatua Streets, but change is happening and Gray's have had to move to a temporary premises on Old Taupo Road, and will be opening on their new site next to Kauae Cemetary.

Previous to the site above, in the 1960s & 1970s they were at 108 Arawa Street,( numbering of the streets in the CBD changed in the 1990s.) and before that Mr Joe Gray had a small section opposite Pak-n-Save on the north east corner where he dressed the coffins including french polishing each one individually.

This site was originally the Railway yards and track leading to the Station on Amohau Street, also on this site were Council Works Dept. buildings.  This site is now known as Trade Central.


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