Old Municipal Building

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Old Municipal Building .


Photograph taken by Alison Leigh.

    I once worked in this building, in the upper right corner office which housed the large old photocopier and the daily mail sorting happened. I remember the old floor was a wooden tiled mosaic or parquet floor which was uneven and what today would be considered a health hazard. When I started working there in 1982 it was where the Council's Records Staff worked and had morning and afternoon tea since there was'nt a cafeteria. Later in 1984 when I started working at the Library I remember having to go over there to frank the envelopes we used for posting overdue notices. 

   Later when Keaney's Castle was built and all the Council Departments moved from the old space the Library took over the room for storage of the older books that were too valuable to throw away, the 'Stack' as it was known,was moved  into the New Library on Haupapa Street (in 1991).

  When the Convention Centre was built this room was finally given a makeover and it became a meeting room.

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