Old CPU building

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Old CPU building.


Photograph by Su Potter.

Originally built c1951 as an add on to the Services Convalescent Hospital, as a Cerebral Palsy Unit, separate from the hospital.

There was a sunny dining room, play-rooms, 4-bed cubicles and a massage room. Built to accomodate up to 20 cases, from pre-school age up to about 16 years old. It was the only place in the country where children could get specialist care.  The first 6 patients arrived in June 1951.

The above unit was built for $450,000 in 1976 and officialy opened in June of that year.  In 1978 the name was officialy changed to the 'Child Potential Unit'. 

The unit was officialy closed on 13th December 1996.  In 1998 Barnardos Rotorua were using the old playground which had been funded for CPU by BNZ and other donors. 

Demolition of this unit began in 2017.

With thanks to the Don Stafford Collection for the information. 

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Old CPU building


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