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Rotorua Library the earliest photo 
Rotorua District Library has one central city library and one mobile library providing library services to the Rotorua District.  

We aim to operate and maintain a diverse library as an information, educational, recreational and cultural resource which meets the needs of the community.  
We maintain an excellent library service to enhance the lives of the community we serve.    Providing information and entertainment from a variety of media, the library is constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of our changing times.

Rotorua District Library was first established in 1889 and is a very popular and well-used civic amenity.
The library exists to provide education, information, cultural and educational resources; to minimize economic, social and cultural barriers to information access for all the people of the Rotorua District. The library is a repository for local history, including Maori history, for future generations. It reflects the Rotorua culture and diversity of the community with special collections of New Zealand, Maori and Polynesian history, matched with information and books in other European, Asian and Pacific languages.
It plays an important role in improving the standard and quality of life for residents by providing a means for lifelong learning, independent decision-making and cultural development of the individual and social groups, reflecting the diversity of the community.

For more History check the Library Website 

Rotorua District Library


1127 Haupapa St, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -38.1356723,176.25264300000003

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Rotorua District Library

Postal Address:1127 Haupapa Street