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Rotorua Map showing Transit Camps  

The staff have found a 1935 map of Rotorua which shows two Transit Camps:   One on the corner of Ranolf and Malfroy Roads, the other at the junction of Amohau, Fenton and [Te] Wairoa Roads. 

Don Stafford writes that “in July 1945 a proposal by the Borough Council would utilise former air force huts….. to convert them to ‘transit housing’ for families waiting for state rental units.”    The new century in Rotorua  by D M Stafford pp. 248, 271.

 It was reported in the Daily Post of 6 April 1946 that "Following urgent representations made to him by the RSA the Mayor, Mr P A Kusabs, has agreed to the immediate completion of one of the huts in the proposed transit camp. Amohau Street."..." The rough work necessary to complete the unit will be carried out by the State Housing Department, and the remainder by an RSA working bee."

The Transit Camps were gone by 1957.


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