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"Ted" Edward Grace Guy owned and edited the newspaper from 1931 - 196? before selling to the late Ray Smith who in turn sold to Wilson & Horton and then they in turn sold it to present owners APN.


“The Edward Guy wing of the Rotorua Hospital was named after Ted who was on the Waikato Hospital Board. This building was recently demolished in 2012 to make way for the new Rotorua Hospital carpark.”  



 According to Don Stafford in “New Century in Rotorua” page 63-64, In 1896 The proprietor and editor was F.F. Watt, he died in 1900 leaving his widow to carry on the business which she did until 1902.  In July of that year David Gardiner of Queensland visited Rotorua and purchased the newspaper and printing business from Mrs Watt. He returned to Rotorua with his two sons, Robin & Russell to take over the business.  At this time the “Chronicle” was only published on Saturday’s.


In 1906 Gardiner faced opposition from a second newspaper introduced by the then owner of the Advocate in Whangarei called  the “Wonderland Gazette and Rotorua Times” this was printed in Whangarei and distributed in Rotorua, later in 1910, it was renamed the “Rotorua Times’ and was being printed in Rotorua, published 3 days a week, alternating with the  Hot Lakes Chronicle” and the editor of this newspaper was A. Francis-Ellis.


By 1914 the proprietors of the then “Rotorua Times Company” were of the same name as that, Charles M Innes was the editor.  In 1916, David Gardiner “absorbed” the Rotorua Times into the Hot Lakes Chronicle and renamed “Rotorua Chronicle” which soon after became a daily paper and in 1918 when Gardiner died his sons carried on together until Russell was killed in an accident in 1924, then Robin Gardiner continued on until 1931. There were two editors employed by Robin, Oswald W Exall (1918-1925) and Charles H Worthington (‘26-‘31).”


Mr L.G. Ashton, was editor in 1931 followed by Mr E.G. Webber in 1932 until he went on war service in 1941.   Mr H. Lawson Smith was editor from 1945 until his retirement in 1961.  Mr W.G. Poppelwell then took over the position in early 1962 until May 1964, then Mr Ian Thompson who had been Chief of Staff for 6 years became editor in June 1964.  


Followed by Robin Mayston, then Karen Shearer, Craig Cooper, Scott Inglis (now BOP Times editor) and he by the present incumbent Kim Gillespie (2013).

Karen and “Coops” served three years each, I think Scott did two years. 


Ian Thompson was in the chair for more than 15 years at least and Mayston about the same.


Thank you to Jill Nicholas and Don Stafford’s book “New Century in Rotorua” for this information. 

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