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In 1997 there was a push to have a casino in Rotorua

The debate for and against a Casino in Rotorua continued on for several years. Prior to 1997 there were several applications to have a casino in 1988, 1989, 1990 & 1994.  The main push started in 1997 when articles appeared in local and NZ newspapers regarding building a casino on land that is now Rotorua Central Mall owned by Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust. 

All news articles regarding this issue can be read online through the Rotorua District Library public access computers. The link is EBSCO this will take you to the EBSCO Reference Centre, where you can search the Newspaper Title as listed below.

Waikato Times 29 July 1997
Waikato Times 13 May 1999
Dominion Post   7 Nov 1997
Dominion Post   4 Oct 2000
Sunday Star Times 10 Sep 2000
NZ Herald 20 Sep 2000
NZ Herald 30 Sep 2000
NZ Herald   5 Oct 2000

The Daily Post can be viewed on Microfilm at the Rotorua District Library on the 2nd Floor.

10 Jan 1997 Alliance calls for casino referendum page 3
1 Aug 1997 Several articles throughout Daily Post on this date Front Page
12 Aug 1997 Casino gamble bets profit and addiction  
13th, 16th & 20th  August 1997 Further articles debate the Casino issue  
20 Sep 2000 Casino reading put's smile on Waaka's face page 1
20 Sep 2000 Casino hopes dashed page 3
06 Oct 2000 MP casino vote draws criticism  
10 Oct 2001 November deadline for anti-casino petition  


Maureen Waaka was a strong objector throughout the whole debate and wrote an article for Mana Magazine in 2003 entitled "A loner's game' in which she outlines the ongoing gambling issues in Rotorua.

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