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Commercial rafting on the Kaituna at Okere Falls

In 1994 Ngati Pikiao expressed concern over the continuing use of the Kaituna by commercial white water rafting companies.

The debate was to continue for a full year and appeared in the Daily Post throughout the year. See references listed below, all articles available to view on the 2nd Floor of Rotorua District Library where back copies of all Daily Post issues are kept on microfiche and microfilm.

Daily Post 11 Feb 1994   p3
Daily Post 22 Mar 1994 Kaituna whitewater rafting future heading for fall p1
Daily Post 24 Mar 1994 Restoration of mana 'only' hope for rafters p1
Daily Post 31 Mar 1994 River row sparks review p3
Daily Post 12 Apr 1994 Queenstown rafters eye Rotorua p2
Daily Post 19 Apr 1994 Tribe 'leaning' towards rafting, kayaking ban p1
Daily Post 20 Apr 1994 Ngati Pikiao splitting over Kaituna River issue p1
Daily Post 22 Apr 1994 Ngati Pikiao seek control of Kaituna p1
Daily Post 26 Apr 1994   p1
Daily Post 18 May 1994   p1
Daily Post 11 Aug 1994   p1
Rotorua Review 23 Aug 1994 No bridge over troubled waters p1 & 3
Daily Post  26 Oct 1994    p1 
  27 Oct 1994    p1 
Daily Post  29 Oct 1994  Council puts Kaituna under wraps  p1 & 30
Daily Post  31 Oct 1994  'Parts of Kaituna closed to public' & 'District Council the proper controlling authority'  p1 & 4
Rotorua Review  1 Nov 1994  Heritage order p3 
Daily Post  17 Nov 1994   p3 
Daily Post  23 Nov 1994  River management  p1 & 12 
Daily Post  25 Nov 1994  River order under attack  p1 
Daily Post  12 Dec 1994  Protection order may be tested in court  p1 
Rotorua District News  21 Dec 1994  Heritage order first for river  Supplement to Daily Post, p2 
Panui  Nov/Dec 1994  Kaituna capers  p1 & 3 

Further information on this issue can be found in Rotorua District Council reports & documents.

Searching on our Local Newspapers index through the Library Catalogue will also find further issues relating the Kaituna River.

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