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A short history

There are several sources for information about the Kaituna in Don Stafford's research notes and published books, available to view on the 2nd Floor of Rotorua District Library.

Te Arawa (see index)

Founding years of Rotorua  p316-317

New century in Rotorua p351-354

Rotorua electricity : a brief history of power in the Rotorua district p5-6.

Don Stafford Files :  Events & Electricity folders.

"During October 1897 a decision was made (by  Town Board) to locate a hydro-electric scheme at Okere Falls, only a hundred yards of so below the bridge which now  crosses the Kaituna River on State Highway 33. The first moves to secure land for the project began almost at once, but because of the importance of the Kaituna River to the local people, and historical significance of the area, there was resistance to making it available"  Excerpt from "The Founding Years in Rotorua" page 316-317.

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