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3 Memorials

  1. Carved memorial chair at St Faiths Church, Ohinemutu
  2. Bell Shrine at Ohinemutu (unveiled in 1995)
  3. Totara Tree planted in grounds of Rotorua Boys High School

Mr Mitchell was as at 1934 the chairman of the Arawa Trust Board and Maori Land Consolidating Officer.

Taiporutu Club of Rotorua / Taiporutu Concert Party of Rotorua

Ohinemutu Maori club for young Maori, founded in 1944 by Henry Taiporutu Te Mapu Mitchell, leader of the Te Arawa people, "as an avenue through which the arts, crafts, history, language and sings of his Tribe can be revived". The club was performing concerts in 1947, when members included Hamuera Mitere (In the National Library's Ephemera Collection, see programmes at Eph-A-MAORI-CONCERTS-1947). From National Library of New Zealand Website "Te Puna"


More information about Henry Taiporutu Mitchell can be found in "Don Stafford Files : Biographies" p M94-96 and "Township File" p181, 183, 426 & 429.

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