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What would we do without them!

Over the years Rotorua District Library has been able to run services for the Community, that we would otherwise not been able to, with willing help from many volunteers. 

The Housebound Service would not run if it were'nt for volunteer drivers.  A list of drivers, past and present, (not complete yet...) follows :

Helen Bryant ; Beth and Bob Browning ; Robin Stonehouse ; Denise Newby ; Mrs Brownlee ; Mrs Natalie Snowball ; Mr Ron Reid ; Mrs Delight Gartlein ; Mrs Robin Bishop ; Mr & Mrs D Cameron ; Mrs Isobel Goulding ; Mr P Fox ; Mrs Desrae Murphy ; Ms Molly Campbell ; Mr Ted Sheppard ; Mrs Marion Sheppard ; Mrs Sue Campbell ; Mrs M Wansbrough ; Mrs Mary Jones, Mr Derek Anderson and Mrs Doreen Anderson, Win and Harry Snelling, Jean Early, Bea Davon, Liz De Vos, Mary Dravitzki.

The Friends of the Rotorua District Library members and Committee, past and present (Not complete) : Willy and Robin Ducre, John and Maisie Bond, Sonia Hayward, Mr Onno van Raalte, Mrs D. Gartlein, Gloria Barnowich, Jan Hossack, Michele Ropata, Barbara Carlson, Huia Carlson, Jill Angell, Wally Rogers, Janet Ross, Andy Gilbert, Cor & Hetty Schipper, Yvonne McMaster, Brenda & Cliff Lee, Mr & Mrs Jack & Phyl Sturmfels, Ken Worthington, Patricia Moore, Anne Hunt, Les Murdoch, Pauleen Wilkinson, Mary Kay, Ynys Fraser, Vicki Fenwick, Heather Cameron, Bruce Smith, John Vinson, Stan Harvey, Paul Richardson, Crispin Blackshaw, Tony Keen, Heather Morrison, Annette Marsden, Loma & Roy Barclay, Wyn Dorrington, Mary & Jan Staal, Margaret & Cornwell Haddock, Pamela Allcott, Kay & Bill McGregor, Sue & Steve Haddock, Rosemarie Michie, Lesley Armstrong. 


The Rotorua Toy Library is run almost entirely with volunteers (Not complete)  : Mrs Brenda Lee ; Doreen Anderson


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