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Foot bath Kuirau Park 1960s 

Above photo taken 1961

Steam rises all day 

Toot-n-Whistle was once a major attraction to the park for children and parents (big kids) along with feeding the ducks on the main pond in front of the Kiosk tea rooms. The same building also housed an aquarium which could be enjoyed for a small fee. Along the paths and round corners were the thermal foot pools, which varied in heat and depth, alongside very hot mud pools and boiling hot water pools.

 Postcard of Toot-n-Whistle

The above postcard was produced for Toot-n-Whistle in the 1960s

and depicts John Smale owner/engineer with a train load of happy passengers.


See also Don Stafford File : Thermal Phenomena / Kuirau Reserve -- available for research in the "Don Stafford Heritage Collection"

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