Topic: Yarn Bombing, new craze in Rotorua

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It all started at RAVE and now it's appearing all through the city. Look out for the next place to be decorated

Excerpt from the Arts Village website click this link to see where it all started.

"The Rotorua Arts Village Tree has been YARNBOMBED!!! On Sunday 13th April (yesterday) a fine group of 20 or so, enthusiastic, determined and diligent yarnbombers got stuck in to creating Rotorua’s first ever yarnbomb! And what a mighty yarnbomb it is! Having accumulated many many pieces of knitted and crocheted items, from 12 meter long knitted strips to teeny tiny crocheted flowers and more, it was optimism that made me think we would have a surplus AND I was wrong!! That is a very very BIG tree with lots of trunks, branches and sub-branches – not to mention height!!!"

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