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Rotorua County Council Building 


This now demolished building was built as office accommodation in 1929 for the Rotorua County Council established in 1911.  It fronted on to Ranolf Street and was sited on the corner of Ranolf Street and another small dead-end street known then as Peneha Street,  now continued as Amohau St.

  Prior to 1929, the County occupied various buildings – indeed the first county clerk, JW Wrigley, an architect used his own practice office from which to administer county affairs for a time from 1911.

  In 1958, an addition was added to the County building fronting on to Peneha Street and across the road from the railway line to house more staff in the county office now burgeoning with district land development.  There were other buildings on the site including a house for the County Engineer.  Rooms from this former residence were still being used as staff offices as late as 1985 just prior to the opening of the new ‘Keaney’s Castle’ Civic Centre in January 1986.

 In 1979 when the Rotorua City and Rotorua County amalgamated, the Planning and Inspectorate departments of the new authority occupied the County building and it was during this time that the sign visible in the drawing, Rotorua District Council was installed.

 During the late 1980s, the building was demolished to make way for a 3 Guys supermarket development and later Dress for Less.  Spotlight now occupies the site.


by Bev Emmerson


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Rotorua County Council


1301 Ranolf Street, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -38.1393576,176.24706630000003

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