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Background Information and Tree species

Information from a pamphlet published by the Trust in 1990

"The late Hal Thomas was the driving force behind the establishment of the Tasman Forestry Rotorua Tree Trust. After three years researching and promoting the idea, Hal saw his brainchild come to fruition in 1990 when the trust and Hal became it's first Chairperson. The Tree was established 'to promote and support the beautification of the Rotorua District by the establishment and development of public parks and by undertaking the planting of trees and other flora in parks and to promote the healthy outdoor recreation of the public by the establishment, development, and maintenance of public parks for the amusement of the public'"

The Trustees were :

Dr John Kininmonth (Chairperson) ; Mr Grahame Hall (then Mayor) ; Mr Erle Robinson (Tasman Forestry) ; Mr Pat Neville ; Mrs Ann-Elise Miles and Mr H.M.P. (Bishop) Kingi.


From "Rotorua Lakes Council" website

"Centennial Park (formerly known as the Rotorua Tree Trust) is situated on the slopes of Tihi-o-tonga at the southern side of the City. The area consists of 20 hectares of rolling land with some quite steep gullies. The idea behind the development was to provide an area of land for people to dedicate trees for family members or local dignitaries.

There have been a variety of developments within the area recently including the addition of a BBQ, toilet, picnic tables, Maple Grove and Peace Memorial.

It is unusual to be able to contribute to the establishment of such a large area, most having been created early in the century. The reserve is being established as a rural reserve, ie: the area will not be under intensive maintenance, such as Government Gardens or Kuirau Park, but instead will be grazed where appropriate and appropriate cutting taken in other areas. Ultimately, the tree growth will establish woodland type conditions.

All available trees have now been adopted. This is now permanently closed to adoptions." 2016.


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